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Stress management and prevention is a growing issue in the life of almost all individuals. The activities of the daily lives bring stressful moments, especially the workplace. The manner in which stress can be controlled is the subject of concern. According to a peer-reviewed research, people can manage stress by employing activities which improve their mental health. The activities which assist in managing stress are crucial to the prevention of stress. This pre written paper discusses an article on stress intervention which presents a Web- and mobile-based stress management training essential in the management of a work-related stress.

Employees in the modern world are exposed to work-related stress which causes adverse mental health effects. The journal article entitled "Web-Based and Mobile Stress Management Intervention for Employees: A Randomized Controlled Trial" provides important concepts for the work-related stress management and prevention and studies the solutions to mental health interventions with the application of Web- and mobile-based tools. The article contains new information as it presents the research conducted in recent times and regards the appliance of modern technologies for psychology. The information in the discussed article fits the issue of stress management because it provides appropriate methods of managing stress among employees and the modern society in general.

For another thing, the article “Web-Based and Mobile Stress Management Intervention” provides research on stress management training among 264 employees which perceived stress. They were assigned to a stress management intervention that was based on the Internet. Moreover, they were given the opportunity to request feedback messages depending on their source of stress. For this reason, the intervention developed strategies of problem solving through the use of automatic text messages on mobile phones. The intervention was based on stress management because it also employed a transaction model of stress comprised of strategies for managing stress which had been developed recently.

The discussed article contains appropriate information on stress management. Many people facing the stress do not know the measures to take in an aim to end the situation. Others lack inspiration that could be helpful in managing stress. The article provides a solution that is encompassed by everyone as it uses the Internet and mobile phone. This article is important because it presents an introduction to the issue of stress, background information to guide the reader to the past of the topic, the results which enable the reader to understand the issue under investigation and the conclusion that provides a basis for the issue. The article is also important because it analyzes the steps that were taken to reach the conclusion. The method used to gather information is clear as well as the description.

The main points of the article which include mental health and the Web- and mobile-based stress management interventionsprovide the significance of the research, such management of stress improves the mental health of an individual. When people read the text messages, the information is evaluated in the brain, providing relief to the cause of stress. People tend to consider what they read because the brain prepares to heal in the course of the training. The Web- and mobile-based interventions are noted to be valuable alternatives to the common face-to-face training.

In conclusion, the article provided stable solutions to stress management which were effective in improving the mental health of the individuals. The Web- and mobile-based interventions are necessary as nearly all people across the world have mobile phones which can receive information concerning the issues at hand.

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