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The engineer needs to have the ability to create and execute scripts that allow the rapid testing and configuration of IT systems, as well as to provide support for Windows and Linux-based operating systems running on servers.

Candidates frequently work with virtualized systems using technology provided by VMWare (such as the HyperV vCenter and vSphere platforms) and many other virtualization tools.

Included in the responsibilities of the engineers are helping end users by resolving IT related issues, including programming and malfunctioning of systems. They test, oversee, and maintain computer systems and programs as necessary to allow an organization to function efficiently.

Server configuration engineers perform regular configuration and systems audits to ensure that all servers and related hardware and software are functioning effectively. They may be called upon to assist in repairing issues or malfunctions that occur outside of office hours, mainly if a problem with a server causes them.

Additionally, server configuration engineers participate in new site deployments. They design platforms that allow all hardware and software to work together effectively and come up with solutions to implementation challenges.


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ravi teja

In a world run on technology, IT specialist is one technician who is needed at every organization. They cater to the technical needs of the employees. The main areas of focus are implementation, monitoring and maintenance of IT systems. These professionals specialize in the field of network analysis, system administration, security and information assurance, IT audit, database administration and web administration.

Usually, companies hire IT specialist to solve technical problems such as computer software, hardware, networks, Cloud platforms, etc. Many of them often work from the central office, in some cases, these professionals also work out of office.

An IT support specialist must be always available to offer the necessary support to the employees. It can be both internal and external assistance, however, apart from the regular reviews and supervision, there are particular roles and responsibilities that they come under their job purview. Here are some important one’s that needs to be considered:

One of the most important duties is to provide all the necessary assistance to the users. It can be hardware issues related to desktop, computer and printers or software assistance in regard to installation and updating of software. The technicians should keep track of all the IT related issues in the organization. Having good communication skills is an added advantage.

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WAN Engineers (Wide Area Network) are the Telecom/IT professionals that set up and maintain wide area networks for businesses that need these networks to operate regularly. Besides designing WAN networks, they spend much time analyzing, testing and evaluating networks to make sure that they run properly and that they have the resources necessary for smooth functioning.

WAN engineers use their expertise in IT to interconnect network systems. They check WAN performance, capacity, security settings, and approvals. Typically, a WAN has at least two LAN’s and covers big geographical areas. Network flow maintenance is important for WAN engineers.

WAN engineers are in charge of the smooth operation of networks. They ensure that companies can communicate internally and externally. WAN engineers are very committed to helping those experiencing technical problems. Sometimes, they instruct people on the usage of networks. Below are the duties of WAN engineers.

  • Implement wide space networks, network servers, hubs, routers, and various computer peripherals.
  • Set up telecommunication equipment.
  • Check WAN performance and fix any problems.
  • Document network configuration and hardware/software-related operating procedures.
  • Back up network-based data (e.g., browser history and emails).
  • Supervise computer programmers.


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The Cloud Virtualization Engineer is an IT professional responsible for managing the application architecture and deployment of cloud solutions, comprising the public, private and hybrid clouds.

These IT professionals serve as advisors to the organization and stay up-to-date on the new trends and issues. Engineers look to review the cloud computing strategy of an organization either at a client location or on-site. With the rise of the digital platforms, virtualization plays an important role. Engineers leverage their skills and knowledge of virtualization in order to manage client-server virtualization for best productivity.

To become successful in the field of Cloud Virtualization, you need to possess a relevant degree. This could include a degree in computer science, IT, Networking including wireless technology or another related field in addition to a certification relevant to cloud computing

As per Glassdoor, the salary for this position in the US averages $71,319 per year. Part-time employment can offer many opportunities for rewards and career advancement. In a Global Freelance Marketplace, FieldEngineer delivers the best platform for freelance Virtualization Engineer to find the highest number of prospective employers.

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An Exchange server administrator sets up and manages a Microsoft Exchange server. They help in setting up user accounts and mailboxes along with backup, security and restoring files. They perform routine server maintenance, configure new users and are called as the first point of contact for problems involving Microsoft Exchange.

Servers are one of the most critical parts of your business network if a server stops, so does business as usual. Well! You might be thinking who helps in electronic communication.

Microsoft Exchange administrators are usually working in offices where they spend most of their time in front of the computer. They could be engaged in telecommunication with multiple users across the world depending on the business. If the Exchange servers are located in a different location than the office, they may need to travel there as well to do maintenance or repairs. However, most works are performed from a computer workstation.

To become successful, you need to have a degree in IT, computer science or any related field along with applicable experience in managing Exchange servers such as Microsoft Server 2000-2012 and Microsoft Exchange Server 2000-2007, 2010 and 2013. Employers may also require some certification

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You can change your personal details of Norton account like billing information, email and password update, auto-renewal subscription etc. Follow the below-given steps to update personal information:

Norton account

  1. Billing details
    1. Log in your Norton account that you might have created while downloading the antivirus via to update your credit card details
    2. Go to the billing information, fill the information which one you want
    3. Hit “Save”

Note: Once you save “update successful” message is displayed on your screen and you will also get the confirmation email on your registered email id

  1. Manage renewal (turn on or turn off)
    1. Log in your Norton account to update Norton automatic renewal
    2. Go to the subscriptions page, next to your purchased product, take your cursor to turn it on or off
    3. Follow the given instructions

Note: You need to fill the Norton billing details in case you want to make any changes in Norton Automatic Renewal Service

  1. Change Email
    1. Log in your Norton account to update your email address
    2. Go to the Personal Information page, in Email and Password hit the edit button
    3. Go to Change Email Address window
    4. Fill your Norton Account Password and fill your new email address
    5. Hit ‘Submit’ button

Note: Once you save “update successful” message is displayed on your screen and you will also get the confirmation email on your registered email id

  1. Change Password
    1. Log in your Norton account to update your password
    2. Go to the Personal Information page in Email and Password hit the edit button
    3. Go to change Change Your Password window
    4. Fill your current password and new password
    5. Hit “Submit” button

For more information on how to change your personal details using this link, call the customer care number. They will resolve all your doubts in the best possible way.

Sophia thomas

Webroot Error UCXS511 Account logged out: Your account has been logged out” is due to the fact that you are logged out of the Internet Explorer or any other browser you are using. The exact reason for this error is hard to determine as it can be different for different computer users.

Webroot Error UCXS511 Account logged out

If you are one of such users and have no clue about the reason for this error. Then continue with this article to troubleshoot the error.

If you are interrupted by Error(UCXS511): Your account has been logged out. Then simply log in to your Webroot account. Just follow the same steps to log in.

  • On your Internet Explorer web browser, go to the Webroot sign-in the website.
  • Then enter your login credential, that is email address/username and password.
  • Hit the sign up button to Webroot Sign up.
  • Now, you can use your Webroot Account and personalize the information.

Even after the login, you are interrupted by the “Error(UCXS511): Your account has been logged out” then there is some issue with the browser settings. Go to the next method to fix the error.

Sophia thomas

Microsoft Office Lens is a built-in camera that was previously available only for OneNote for iPad or iPhone but is now for other apps like OneDrive, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. The lens feature enables you to capture pictures of whiteboards or written documents and help you to enhance the files or photo by employing multiple features. Users can crop, sharpen and straighten the media or printed file, so to give it an appearance of a scanned file. Your picture is added to the notes in your Office OneNote account so you can recover it later whenever you need it.


To understand the right way of using it, follow the steps below. Please note that the steps below are applicable to Microsoft Office OneNote for iOS.

How do you use Microsoft Office lens?
  1. Tap OneNote icon and login to your account associated with Office setup
  1. Create a new note or open an existing one, now open the note in which you want to put in a picture
  2. Depending on your iOS device, do the following
  • Users with iPad- Tap Insert option and when the options appear select Camera
  • Users with iPhone- Tap the Camera icon on the ribbon above the keypad
  1. You will see the different picture taking mode: WHITEBOARD, PHOTO, and DOCUMENT, select a mode and click a picture
  2. The Office Lens app will sense the image and automatically crop the picture you took, but you can change the cropped image by dragging the circles on each corner to change the crop
  3. When you are finished tap the check mark to save the changes and Office Lens will add the photo to your note

You have now captured an image and cropped it by edges. This feature will help you take images and files as if they are scanned. However, if you want to go back to the built-in iOS Camera app, you simply need to make a few setting changes. Go to Settings > OneNote > Camera Setting, and tap on the button to turn off Use Office Lens. In case of any trouble, seek help from Office com setup and find the fix.


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The Printer Technician is a professional who install new printers, configure printers on network, maintain and ensures the proper function of standalone printers or Network Printers. The Printer Technician takes care of the regular and routine repairs including replacements such as new ink cartridges. The Printer Technician must be comfortable copying, faxing, producing images and other printer-related issues. As a professional, working in coordination with information technology staff, you will assist in resolving underlying problems with the network.

Keeping track of the ink levels in the printer cartridges on a daily basis allows the Printer Technician to replace ink cartridges as necessary.

The Printer Technician must know how to maintain laser printers by keeping aware of new software applications as well as advancements in laser printing hardware. It is the Printer Technician’s responsibility to perform regular maintenance activity at times when that maintenance will not interfere with regular production work.

Apart from the regular servicing and replacement, the Printer Technician might also troubleshoot network configuration issues for the network printers to function properly. Technicians will be Coordinating with the Information Technology Department to address any upgrade of their antivirus and network patches to ensure security.

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