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A field engineer refers to the person you find actively working at job sites instead of in the office. He provides services to the clients at their homes or business sites. There are a variety of fields. You will find a field engineer software expert, a field engineer who installs hardware, and one who is involved with the repair of products among other responsibilities that he handles.

If you want to know more about the field engineer toolkit, it would basically depend on the area of service. A field engineer is required to have a great deal of expertise in the service that he provides. He needs to know everything about the product and should have the ability to solve problems. Strong communication skills are also required since he is required to interact with clients directly.

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Network Infrastructure Architect

The primary task of a Network Infrastructure Architect is to design and set up computer networks, which includes Internet connections, intranets, local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), wireless LANs, and data communications networks, among others. The individual’s responsibility also includes ensuring that all the systems a company or an organization are operating optimally.

Architects analyze how existing and future networks will support their organization’s operations, besides also monitoring and organizing any projects related to networks. To optimize the technological abilities of an organization, they manage networks security and boost data transfers to make sure that all the systems are working to their fullest potential.

Primarily, network architects design efficient network infrastructures that satisfy the short-term as well as the long haul IT and commercial requirements of their organization or clients.

They should have excellent analytical and problem-solving skills. Architects need to have solid communications skills because they would interact with people from different departments within an organization.


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A RAN (Radio Access Network), Technical Support Engineer, is a specialized telecom professional. They provide technical support to troubleshoot new end-to-end cellular technology and fix the issues of radio networks. 5G technology is now gaining popularity around the globe. Engineers trained on the previous 4G technology will have to upgrade to the 5G RAN technology to meet the needs of the telecom industry.



These engineers can offer support for LTE and small cell projects. They understand the protocols of VoLTE and ViLTE. The technical support engineer specifically works with cellular technology, GSM, WCDMA, and LTE architecture.



In order to become successful in the field of Radio Network Technology, you will need to have an essential education. This includes a degree in computer science, IT, Networking including wireless technology and other related field along with certification in networking for better results.


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The Certified Wireless Network Expert should understand wireless network design, protocol analysis, and spectrum analysis. The expert must handle issues related to wireless voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP), intrusion detection and prevention, performance, and QoS analysis. The professional must find solutions for complex wireless problems within a large networking system.

The certified technician must have expert knowledge about Wireless LAN standards, wireless network architecture, WLAN operation, and other subjects. The professional should be able to install, configure, and troubleshoot any issues related to wireless network products and network administration. It is the responsibility of the certified wireless network expert to take care of the controller discovery methods of layer 2 and layer 3 roaming, and wireless controller configurations.


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It is the reason mentioned above that prompts enterprises to accord high priority to information systems security. A security system is said to be well established if it is multi-layered connecting various fragments, such as computers, network, data, etc.


Since every organization has an IT infrastructure, it is the technicians’ responsibility to protect them from cyber-attacks. So, don’t let threats bother you, ensure you protect every element by providing the best possible security. If you build a rugged security framework, it ensures that the organization is not at risk.


Cyber Security Engineers design information security plans and extend support in carrying out the strategy. Being security professionals, they propose enhancements to the existing model.


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A Cloud Architect is an IT Specialist who develops a company’s computing strategy. This strategy incorporates cloud adoption plans, cloud application design as well as cloud management and monitoring. Additional responsibilities include support for application architecture and deployment in cloud environments.


Additional skills Knowledge of operating system

The candidates must have a good understanding of the operating systems such as Linux, Unix, Solaris, Ubuntu, Windows. It is essential to be familiar with the concepts, pros, and cons of the various operating systems.

Good understanding of networking

Having proper knowledge of TCP/IP, IP addresses, HTTP, and DNS is an added advantage. The candidate must be familiar with the concepts before pursuing the role of a cloud architect.


It is must for a Cloud Architect to have good command over the vital security concepts. Security is considered one of the essential aspects of the cloud. Basic knowledge of firewall and other security components is necessary.


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VMware Certified Professional 6 – Network Virtualization Certifications

The VCP 6- NV certification teaches people how to set up, monitor and troubleshoot networks, network services, and virtual environments. The certification further provides professionals with an in-depth understanding of NSX technology and architecture, physical infrastructure, installation and upgrading, virtual network configuration and network services.


Salary and Job Outlook


The Indeed salary estimates state that on average VCP-6 NV professionals earn from approximately $15.01 per hour as an Administrative Assistant to $55.61 per hour as a Network Security Engineer. With VMware dominating the server virtualization market, job opportunities appear to be increasing. Professionals can also opt for freelancing as they can earn more money that way.


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The WAN technician helps in the interconnection across the different geographical locations.

Establishments with multiple office blocks use WANs to retain all the buildings connected. WAN technicians are engaged in the connection of network hardware and software in the form of routers to allow enterprise-wide data connection, establishing an organization’s Intranet.


Wide area network technicians’ work with telecom organizations to ensure the WAN service run into the organization’s requests, and to verify service providers can support all sites. The building locations that require to be connected with a WAN might be within a lone region or range across the globe, based on the organization's geographic location.


How Field Engineer Can Help You Succeed

Freelance WAN Technicians looking for work in the freelance marketplace should visit, it provides various opportunities for telecom freelance professionals to work on exciting projects


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IT engineers may have to travel frequently to the workplaces of the clients to diagnose, maintain or troubleshoot problems. They need to have excellent communication skills, as they have to coordinate with team members and interact with clients.


IT engineers help in meeting their organization's requirements for software, hardware, and networking tools. They work to develop, test, install, configure, troubleshoot, and upgrade computer hardware and software. They contribute to creating proper documentation, diagrams and other detailed instructions to help employees in their organization or of their clients to make the best use of new technologies.


In IT Engineer’s overall responsibilities include participating in the day-to-day maintenance of the computer systems, such as extending support for hardware, software, and other areas falling under the purview of information technology.


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